Androgynous Guide/ 3 Ways To Wear Your Fav T-Shirt

androgynous guide

Welcome to the first part of the monthly series, Androgynous Guide!

I am in no way an expert and there is no “right” way or one way to be androgynous. But the goal of androgynous guide is to give you some ideas and open a dialogue about what it means to androgynous yourself.

Start by picking your fav t-shirt. I chose my organic cotton, striped t-shirt from Muji. T-shirts are great, simple canvases allowing artists to share their art upon it or for loud graphics to take over. Here are some ideas of dressing up your fav t-shirt for any occasion.

1// Business Casual
heyjustjei_tshirt1 heyjustjei_tshirt2 heyjustjei_tshirt3

Dress up your fav t-shirt for casual Fridays or on a day you aren’t expecting a surprise visit from clients. I paired my graphic t-shirt with a straight pair of black jeans, and a fitted blazer (To keep it professional.) This look is perfect if you work in a start-up tech firm or interning at a fashion magazine. However, forget about ever wearing a t-shirt to work if you’re in finance or business, where you’re always expected to wear a suit. If you have any outfit hesitations, consult your H.R. department.

2// Hot Date

heyjustjei_tshirt5 heyjustjei_tshirt6 heyjustjei_tshirt1

Confidence is key when you’re out on the town with your bae. Nothing makes me feel more confident than wearing leather so I naturally chose my toughened armor. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. It doesn’t have to be a leather jacket; it could be a textured blazer, fitted vest, or drapey bandana.

I love garments with a story. It allows me to open up about why I wear what I wear. For date night, I chose one of my fav pair of pants, the tracker pants from Nün Bangkok. These are special to me because they’re handmade in Thailand by local artisans. I find that they are a conversation starter. I can talk about the importance of fair trade clothing for hours. Also, the mesh side panels make it more sporty, fun and risque.

3// Night Out With Friends

heyjustjei_tshirt8 heyjustjei_tshirt2 heyjustjei_tshirt10

  • T-shirt: Muji, Cardigan: second-hand
  • Pants: local shop, Shoes: Adidas

If it’s just you and your closest friends tearing up the local pop-up shops or a night at the movies, aim for comfort!

But comfort doesn’t have to be boring. Play with your proportions for interest. I draped an open weave cardigan with an intricate pattern over my t-shirt. It’s fitted at the sleeves but it’s open and asymmetrical everywhere else.

To contrast the silhouette of fitted sleeves of the cardigan, I picked a pair of drop-crotch baggy pants that billow out then fitted at the ankles.


Thank you for reading the first androgynous guide! I hope it gave you some ideas to play with.

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