Spotlight Review/ Nün Bangkok


Hey there and welcome to part one of the monthly series, Spotlight Review!

I firmly believe it’s important to support local, indie, and/or ethical designers and businesses, worldwide. I’d love to focus on one indie designer per month, share stories on amazing designers and give you a peak of their products.

When you invest in indie designer fashions, you support:

  • hardworking designers who either create and sew everything themselves or they expand by hiring local seamstresses and creative employees
  • their local manufacturing industry
  • stimulate their local economy which help create jobs
  • creativity and handmade artistic practices (Often times, you get unique products that you can’t find in stores!)

This month’s Spotlight is on Nün Bangkok!

Nün Bangkok is the creative duo of Thai fashion designer Nün Visitsak and her fiancé, British creative director Tom Shigeru Stannard. Their brand is a minimalist haven marriage of the light-weight sensibility of Thailand and the edginess of British street fashion.


Nün Bangkok was created in 2013 with a goal of adapting British street fashion to hot Asian climates (As they are Thailand based.) Their clothing line is a perfect addition to any androgynous closet as it’s a perfect juxtaposition of fun femininity and masculine chic. Their garments aren’t afraid to show a bit of skin too, but it’s not about vulgarity, it’s more about being comfortable in your skin.

heyjustjei_nunbangkok1 heyjustjei_nunbangkok3

I bought the black tracker pants and received it within two weeks (Not bad from half way across the world!) Here’s a five point review:

  1. FIT: These pants fit me perfectly. Their sizing is in U.K. standards. I contacted them in order to get a bit more info on choosing my size. They were very helpful with helping me find the right size.
  2. DESIGN: Minimalist with a sporty edge of mesh side panels. The pant legs have a gentle bellow and are finished with a ribbed cuff. There’s an elastic panel at the hip’s side panel for your discretion! You won’t get a peak of your underwear (Unless you’re wearing boxers.) I can easily match this outfit for a morning of light cycling or hitting up a local food market with friends. The pockets make it practical for everyday wear (You always get bonus points for functional pockets!)
  3. CONSTRUCTION: Beautifully sewn with lots of care, all the garments are locally made by three skilled seamstresses! The sewing and serging is neat, I believe it’s done with a 5 needle serger, with perfect tension.
  4. FABRIC: Their tracker pants comes in three colors: all white, all black, and gray with white accents. All the colors can blend perfectly in your closet and though I wanted one in each color, the black was my top choice. It’s a rich black in a soft cotton blend fabric. In the winter season, I can wear thick leggings under it to layer it while still keeping warm.
  5. MISC.: They neatly wrapped everything up in tissue and included a thank you card in a sleek, resealable black bag. I love when brands add some touches that customers can really appreciate. It shows a lot of care. The hang tag, bag, and thank you card were all embossed with the Nün Bangkok logo.

heyjustjei_nunbangkok4 heyjustjei_nunbangkok5


This review is not in any way sponsored or affiliated with the brand mentioned. If I am affiliated with the brands in the future, it would be clearly stated on my blog for your discretion.

5 thoughts on “Spotlight Review/ Nün Bangkok

  1. Hi Jei!

    Thank you so much for this detailed and warm review! It means the world to know that there are people like yourself out there who appreciates all the care we put into our pieces.

    As a thank you, we’ll be sharing this beautiful article on our social media, crediting you!

    Lots of love from Bangkok,

    Nün, Tom & the NBK team ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello NBK team,

      I’m very excited that you enjoyed my review! I’m dying to add more Nün Bangkok to my closet.
      I’m honoured that you will be sharing my review, thank you so much.
      All the best to the whole team,

      hey just jei


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