Outfit/ The Kids Aren’t All Night



Summer time means you have to hit the beach at least once right? With vivid images of strolling carefree by the sunset sands and rejoicing with squawking seagulls in my mind, it was a race against the sun to make it.

But the sunset swept the sky all too quickly.

I was left with a mysterious board walk dimly lit by looming lamp posts, spaced sparingly.

When something scares me, I try to push myself to overcome it. I told myself, I’ll walk as close as I can to the beach, just to feel the cool air on my skin and smell the fresh water aura.

But I did not travel very far, I was derailed by faint sounds of rowdy yelling, walking in my direction. The darkness only grew the more I walked and colliding into crowds of menacing gnats was not the night thrill I was looking for.

I’ll return another day with the guidance of the sun.





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