Outfit/ Forbidden Suit



Stand back, I’m changing things up! If you were expecting an “Androgynous Guide” post this week, it’s being moved to the beginning of the month! Easy for all you folks to remember.

If I’m going to change things, I might as well go big (The other option is to go home!)

It’s my first time working with the amazing Tee, photographer extraordinaire. I released my Mason Martin Margiela Flat Blazer x H&M from its garment bag cage for this very occasion.

MMM has always been one of my favorites designers, well known for avant-garde concepts executed with amazing detailing.

With such history and thought pumped into one garment, you understand why I would seldom wear it! Of course I’m intimidated. I take it out on occasion, wash my hands before feeling the fabric and admire the amazing details (See below: flat sleeves and tailored basting stitches meant for leaving in!)

But I want to celebrate what I love. You have a greater appreciation when you can wear the art that inspires you.

How about you readers, do you have an accessory or garment you love but wear it less to preserve it? When was the last time you wore it?

Photography: Tee Hui

heyjustjei_margiela3 heyjustjei_margiela4






    • Jacket: Martin Martin Margiela x H&M, Shirt: Armani Exchange (second-hand)
    • Pants: Levi’s, Boots: Army Issued (second-hand)
    • Sunglasses: Chanel (second-hand)


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