spotlight/ top 5 stores doing ethical menswear accessories right


Although it feels like you just hit the beach with your friends and you’re getting ready for your next B.B.Q., before you know it, you’ll be shuffling through the autumn leaves wrapped in your warmest scarf.

Whether you’re heading back to school or starting a new job in September, here’s a spotlight on 5 fantastic menswear stores that has the accessories to make you look good and feel good too!


1. Pomp and Ceremony

If you want to look sharp for your next important meeting or catch the eye of your classmate crush, check out Pomp and Ceremony’s liberty print heaven.

They specialize in patterned neck ties, skinny ties, pocket squares, and making you look dapper. I have a soft spot for skinny ties, I find the narrow width (2″) is most flattering for any androgynous body (but it’s all about what makes you comfortable! They also have regular ties in a wide selection). Everything is handmade by Toronto designer Andrea Dixon (not all menswear is created by men!), so you can feel good about supporting made in Canada fashion!

Ethic Points: Handmade, locally produced in Canada

Price: $$-$$$

2. Everlane

It’s not the first time I’ve mentioned Everlane, and it most certainly won’t be the last! (Btw, they didn’t sponsor me to write for them, but I would love if they contacted me!)

This radically transparent pioneer is my go-to shop for everything ethical, gender neutral and timeless. Their classic twill backpack is built to last, has a laptop compartment, comes in five neutral tones, and hey look you can learn everything about the conditions of their backpack factory too.

Psst…Their new sleek, weatherproof backpack came out yesterday!

Ethic Points: Pays workers fair living wage, honest about consumer mark-up, transparent about manufacturing conditions

Price: $-$$

3.  Raife and Singer

If you want to look more casual for a cram session with your buddies or bar night with your coworkers, Raife and Singer has collar tips to give you that cool vibe. You can feel good about supporting American made fashion as designer Annie Raife creates her stylish neckwear in Brooklyn. Expertly demonstrating that not all menswear is created by men, they have everything from chained collar tips, to bolo ties, to skinny/bow ties.

Ethic Points: Handmade, locally produced in the United States, uses secondhand material (reclaimed wood for their bolo ties)

Price: $$

4. Helpsy

Yikes, you woke up late for your first day! You planned on showering that morning, but there’s no time for that. Enter: Dry shampoo powder. Sprinkle a little onto your scalp, tousle it, (combing it through is optional) and look you’re fresh already out the door to start your day.

What makes Helpsy a power house of goodness is that they don’t only carry socially responsible beauty products, but they have a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and jewelry too. You can shop by gender identity (women or androgynous), clothing category, or my fav option, by 13 categories of ethical qualities.

Ethic Points: Handmade in small batches, locally produced in the United States, pays workers fair living wage, animal cruelty free

Price: $-$$$

5. Carriage 44

After a hectic day around the office or sprinting across campus with a dozen textbooks, don’t you deserve a little T.L.C.?

Carriage 44 has been expertly developing the finest recipes since 2010 and there’s no signs of slowing down. This family owned store in Montreal are masters in creating soaps and skincare products with the purest ingredients. I appreciate that all their product designs are all clean, minimalist, and 100% Instagrammable.

Why not try their mud soap? It’s packed with fresh herbs and soothing dead sea mud to give you the spa experience you most def deserve.

Ethic Points: Handmade, locally produced in Canada, animal cruelty free

Price: $-$$$

Disclaimer: Some affiliated links are used in this post. Though I receive a small commission on links of items clicked/bought, I only write about brands that share the same values and beliefs as Hey Just Jei. All opinions expressed are wholly my own.

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