spotlight/ top 4 superb and sustainable must-buy sweatshirts


Whether you just received your letter of acceptance from your choice school or H.R. sent you that offer of employment email recently, September is a time for fresh starts. You’re prepared head to tie for your autumn adventure… But did you forget to treat your torso? Ethical clothing is produced with the Earth and its inhabitants in mind, it only makes sense that the clothing quality is superb.

Add a little ethical to your closet by checking out these must-buy sweatshirts.


  1. Brothers We Stand, Alec BizbyWhether you’re preparing to meet your boss for the first time or presenting your thesis to dozens of classmates in week 4 (Don’t leave it to the last minute!), looking sophisticated can give you the confidence boost you need. Brothers We Stand is a sustainable haven for menswear clothing and accessories, and personally one of my fav places to shop. They carry a wide variety of brands and designers with a common goal: being stylish and keeping ethical. Every item listed on their site has a detailed page of the environmental and social footprint, transparency feels good!BWS carries London designer Alec Bizby, who specializes in high quality knitwear in unique fabrics (Milled 10 miles away from his studio.) His expert cut and fit in all his sweaters and cardigans can give you that edge you desperately need. To add some extra class to your look, wear a dress shirt under this raglan sweater, leave the collar out for a pop off contrast.

    Ethic Points: Fabric milled nearby studio (Reduces carbon foot), proudly made in London, created by designer/partner, transparent about information on garment history (social and environmental).

    Price: $

    2. Be Good Clothing

    If you’re reading this post right now it must mean you want to look good and be good too! This San Francisco based clothing company prioritizes eco-friendly and quality design that never go out of style. Conscious of their manufacturing cycle from seed to stitch, you can feel good about wearing their sustainable collection of organic tees and reclaimed fabric shirts.

    This French terry sweatshirt is simple and cute and the pineapple graphic gives your outfit a playful element. Wear this with your favourite pair of slacks and blazer and there’s no doubt you’ll stand out. It may just give you enough confidence to finally ask that cutie from art history class out or that co-worker from marketing that always smiles at you.

    Ethic Points: Locally produced in the United States, clothing made of organic material/recycled fabric (From Montreal), gives back to the community.

    Price: $$

    NOTE: For my Canadian/International readers, Be Good ships only to the United States! Buuut they encourage you to shoot them an email, they could bend the rules, just for you.

    3. The Level Collective

You’ve been labelled the “newbie” at work or the prof is making everyone do another round of intro circles… You’re running out of things to say. What I normally do in those situations is talk about my clothes, while wearing this sweatshirt, you can do the same! Tell your audience that your top was made in a wind powered factory or how it was ethically made in India. It can start conversations about your passion for the environment or how you’re interested in ethical fashions.

BWS also carries The Level Collective, you can read more in-depth about the sweatshirt’s footprint.

Ethic Points: Clothing factory powered by wind, clothing made of organic cotton, printed with eco-based inks, pays workers fair living wage (high standards regulated by Fair Wear Foundation), employs emerging illustrators/graphic designers, gives back to the community.

Price: $$

4. veer nyc

If you’re an androgynous female-bodied person who struggles to find gender neutral clothing, veer nyc is the answer to your problems. Owners Jenny McClary and Allie Leepson had encountered similar issues, frustrated that mainstream retailers couldn’t meet their fit or taste for non-gendered clothing. The power couple embarked on a mission, successfully supported by a crowdfunding campaign in 2013, to champion the androgynous fashion scene by creating timeless and effortless looks.

This immortally cool sweatshirt will outlast any fad sweater in both the quality and the design. While you’re getting ready for the first day of your new internship or lunch with important new clients, feel secure that this sweatshirt comes in black or white, so it’s a guarantee to match everything you have in your closet.

Ethic Points: Locally produced in the United States, limited production.

Price: $$$

This post is not in any way sponsored or affiliated with the brands mention. If I am affiliated with the brands in the future, it would be clearly stated on my blog for your discretion.

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