spotlight review/ Brothers We Stand, Alec Bizby’s Double Faced Kimono Cardigan



This is the second part of the monthly series, Spotlight Review, where I highlight an indie or ethical designer creating something special: 1

I prepared you dear readers for your autumn adventures earlier this week by recommending the coolest sustainable sweatshirts with superb quality.

One of the shops I recommended was Brothers We Stand, a London-based online store that carries the sleekest selection of sustainable and ethical menswear clothing and accessories.

I’m really thrilled to share one of my fav cardigans by Alec Bizby with you.

What makes the Haggerston-based designer so unique is his use of local fabrics. With a close relationship with his fabric mill (located 10 miles away from his studio), he’s able to achieve one of a kind knits made especially for his line.

Alec Bizby proves that locally sourced and produced is king.

    1. FIT: Brothers We Stand has a very helpful “find your size” tool that takes the mystery out of finding your fit while online shopping. You answer a few easy questions regarding your weight, height, age, and which size you normally wear for familiar brands (that appear in a drop down menu). It’ll recommend you a size AND show you the final body measures of your garment! Based on my height, weight and the shape of my belly (yes, they asked you for that info too as it’s an important factor for fitting a top!), they recommended a small size, which fits wonderfully. When I buy menswear, I often struggle with sleeves that are too long but I was surprised to see the sleeves are the right length.
    2. DESIGN: The overall design is very sophisticated, clean, with lots of small details that the wearer can really appreciate.
      The kimono sleeves are quite comfortable, and if I’ve worn this around you before, I’m going to point out how low the shoulder drops. I love a dramatic low shoulder point.

      Everything is better with pockets. I’m thrilled there’s roomy pockets to keep your phone and hands warm, it’s perfect for cold autumn nights.3. CONSTRUCTION: Alec Bizby’s knitwear is specially handmade by him and his partner. The great care and attention to detail is evident with every seam. There were a few serged ends that needed to be clipped but it didn’t impede on the quality of construction at all.4. FABRIC: Alec Bizby gets some ethical points for milling his fabric 10 miles away from his studio, a very sustainable foot forward in reducing their footprint. The fabric is an intricate jacquard that is gray on the face but green on the inside! The unexpected pop of color is a nice surprise.5. MISC.: Ethical brands price their garments considering everything from the living wage of cotton farmers to a fair wage of their factory seamstresses. It’s unreasonable to ever expect a t-shirt to be $10 without slave labour involved.With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this cardigan was £35.00 ($71 CDN, $54 USD). With fabric specially made for a designer that hand creates all his garments, the price is more than appropriate for the socially conscious student who’s interested in buying more ethically (but can’t break the bank in the process).

      Price: $

      Photography: Tee Hui
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