life/ New York, New York You’re a Helluva Town part ii



This is my final part of my NYC series, first is here.

If you google where to go and what to see in NYC, there’s dozens of helpful guides and checklists. It’s a great way of getting opinions of locals, and avid travelers, who know all the MUST have experiences.

But what are my personal goals when travelling? I have three major things I must do:

  1. Experience what the locals enjoy
  2. Eat local or renown cuisine
  3. Window shop
  4. Visit their fabric stores

I popped in a couple fabric stores, BUT I was unable to visit the infamous Mood this time around (next time I’ll make it work!). But nothing stops me from living up my NYC experience!

The atmosphere of The City that Never Sleeps was defined by their bustling night life and night lights, sounds of determined taxi drivers making their mark, and dedicated retail/food services with late night hours. I loved the dizzying array of Broadway-esque billboard ads, every corner of the city was wonderfully decorated. It’s quite different from the quieter Toronto. We had Honest Ed, whose loudest lights once illuminated up Bathurst and Bloor, but even then it only took up one block.

It was an absolute must to experience Yankee Stadium. I’m a relatively new fan of baseball, I love and support the Blue Jays (but never ask me about statistics, I have no understanding of them). No one knows more about MLB than my BFF, and with her endless patience, she made me into a fan too! It was her suggestion that a trip to the Yankee Stadium would be a memorable landmark.

Yankee Stadium was more amazing than I could’ve imagine. The lively crowd, vast view, beautiful architecture, and endless trips down baseball history (via wall-to-wall of vintage memorabilia) made the iconic stadium the highlight of my trip. What really set the tone for my day was looking over the scoreboards, seeing the city and passing subways interact with sunset sky that changed throughout the night.

Maybe it should be a tradition to visit every baseball stadium in American cities I travel, it’s interesting to see how they celebrate their corner of the baseball world (plus you have to sample the local stadium food!).

Does anyone know where I can now get a “I miss NY” t-shirt?



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