androgynous guide/ 3 back to school looks that you already have

androgynous guide

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Photography: Tee Hui

It’s no secret that school takes a big hit on your wallet. Increasing tuition costs, new books every semester, there’s no end to school fees.
Why break the bank for back to school clothing, when everything you need is already in your closet? In this Androgynous Guide, I show you three easy looks for school that can easily be created with everything you already have.

Which one best represents your style?

          1. The Brain
            Geek chic is always cool.
            You can leave your formal blazer at home, and pair a white dress shirt with your fav sweater for a more casual, yet undeniably, sophisticated look. Show some meticulous attention to detail by wearing jewelry that reflects the hardware metal off your bag (see: my brass ring to match brass hardware).
            Imo a pair of slacks is way more comfortable than dress pants…plus with your nose in the books, do you have time to do all that ironing?
            Shirt: vintage, ring: secondhand, sweater: Simons, pants: Gap, bag: Spring
          2. The Athlete
            Make the run after the school bus easier with the athleisure look.
            Moisture wicking shirts make perfect transitional pieces for summer to fall, it’ll keep you cool for those odd September days that are still boiling hot. It’s not a new concept that all black matches with everything, so I matched the blue off my cap with my hoodie for a fun focal point.
            There’s a reason why the athleisure trend isn’t leaving any time soon. Those comfy joggers can actually keep up with your busy schedule for 8am classes and beyond.
            Shirt/bag: Adidas, hoodie: Quiksilver, pants: Nün Bangkok, shoes: Nike, cap: Blue Jays

3. The Artist
Aspiring musician, painter, or actor, all artists have their own way of personal expression. Your own personal style is an expression you wear everyday.
If you were staying up late sketching or working on your latest self portrait, you probably don’t have a lot of time to decide on an outfit. The quickest and coolest outfit can be achieved by grabbing a black/white graphic t-shirt (the high contrast makes a strong focal point) and your best fitting jeans.
A leather jacket gives you an edge on any outfit…plus your parents would probably remind you to bring one for classes that end late (thanks for the tip, Mom).

Organic shirt: Muji, pants: vintage, jacket: Topshop, boots: Dr. Martens, bag: secondhand

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