life/ Fan Expo Toronto 2015



A weekend ago I had a blast attending Toronto’s Fan Expo. It’s easy to see why 120 000+ attendees from across the country and the United States flock to this annual event. It’s an exciting environment where artists, attendees, cosplayers, and every type of enthusiast come to this four day event to celebrate their passions. Horror, sci-fi, gaming, anime, comics, and more, there’s something for everyone.

There’s dozens of things to do during Fan Expo: shop through 400 000 square feet of exhibits, exploring artist alley where many artists show their crafts, visit the Lego display, play new video games before they hit the shelves, meet your fav celebrities, and ofc making friends.


One of my favorite elements of any convention must be cosplayers! It takes dedication, passion, and guts to take on the persona of a character you admire, especially if you create your own costume from scratch.

Naturally if there are events where I can dress up, I WILL! I was Asahi Azumane, a vollyball player with a glass heart from the sports anime/manga hit Haikyuu! I had the great pleasant of meeting fellow team mates as well. It’s always a thrill to see the reactions of people who are also a fan of your character! It’s flattering and heartwarming seeing how excited people are to approach you.

I had such a lovely time meeting other cosplayers. Please let me know if you see yourself, I want to tag you!

Shout out to the lovely ladies who cosplayed Carol(s) from The Walking Dead! It started with seeing one Carol standing with a plate of cookies (no spoilers! BUT you know that important scene). I approached her enthusiastically, and she told me that there were two other Carols and a Daryl with her! Her friends appeared as if from nowhere, and gathered together for photos. Thank you ladies, you made my day!

Also, I wasn’t able to get a proper photo, but there was a family cosplay of Bob’s Burger! The amount of detail that goes into it (see: special of the day) makes running into great cosplayers an exciting experience.

What are your fav things to do during conventions?


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