spotlight review/ Handmade Canadian Soap by Soap Utopia


This is the second part of the monthly series, Spotlight Review, where I highlight an indie or ethical designer that is creating something special: 1 2

The very nature of a soap bar is simple: it should clean you! Memorable things such as an aesthetically pleasing bar, luxurious feel, and fantastic scents are extra bonuses strategically crafted by skilled soap artisans.

If you’re looking for ethically made, Canadian-made honest goodness Soap Utopia has over a dozen soap types that your body will thank you for!

Thoughtful customer service is so important for any business. Lily D., owner and soap maker extraordinaire, has this fantastic deal that allows you to pick four types of soap for $27 CDN. Her reasoning? Shipping for one bar costs as much as multiple bars of soap. By bundling multiple soaps, it allows customers to spend less, but experience more! A single bar is also $6.85 CDN.

Lily also generously threw in a free sample bar for me too. Thank you Lily, you’re far too kind! (3/5 bars are reviewed here, I’ve given 2 bars to my soap aficionado friends to get their input too!)

Ethical Points:

  • Packaging made of post-consumer recycled material and tied with recyclable twine
  • Palm oil used is farmed using sustainable practices
  • Produced by environmentally friendly ingredients (phosphate free, no harsh detergents, or formaldehyde)
  • Made in small quantities
  • Proudly made in Canada
  • Locally made in Ontario (Oakville to be specific!)
  • Artisan made
  • VeganHJJ_soaputopia2HJJ_soaputopia

Sweet Bee


If “soft” was a tangible scent, this would be what soft would smell like. I can’t emphasis how AMAZING this soap smells! It’s very sweet (but not overpowering) and has the freshest scent, it’s hard to not smell it more than once.
My skin feel so soft after I using Sweet Bee, I felt a noticeable difference. It lathers very well, leaving me feeling refreshed and clean. Easily my fav of the trio of soaps I tried!
Plus you can’t deny how cool the geometric bee comb pattern in bar looks, handmade details are always a big bonus in my book.

Tea Rose

The scent was quite light, as described on it’s product page.
Small details make everything way more special. I appreciate how pretty this bar is, as the rose petals in the bar were picked from soap maker’s very own garden. The pinkness in the soap was achieved with pink clay, not artificial colours.
The lather was sufficient, the soap’s effects were a bit underwhelming after trying Sweet Bee first. The silkiness certainly has a luxurious feel to it, and the rich bubbles are a testament to the pure ingredients.

French Pear

The scent wasn’t very strong, but it’s still refreshing. It doesn’t “smell like a pear” imo, but I think the idea is that the “juiciness” of a pear is there.
French Pear has a thick, rich lather. I love how creamy this feels against my skin, I really do feel clean after using this. No artificial colours were used as green French clay was added for the colour and to soften your skin.
The smooth curves at the top is a nice, artisan touch. You really get a sense that, because Soap Utopia isn’t mechanically mass produced, each bar is a slightly different, but all made with care.

All soap bars were all really well made, I trust Soap Utopia’s pure ingredients and attention to detail. My biggest pet peeve for soap bars are ones that leave a film on your skin. All Soap Utopia bars had a fresh clean leaving no film or tightness on my skin, phew!
My softened skin speaks for itself as I highly recommend that you try sweet bee for a clean experience and for a scent so addictingly fresh. Tea Rose and French Pear were effective bars, but French Pear’s silkiness was more memorable.
I would love to try Muskoka Boathouse next. It’s scent is woodsy with a bit of spice, it sounds like a bar that would really wake you up.

This post is not in any way sponsored or affiliated with the brand(s) mention. If I am affiliated with the brand(s) in the future, it would be clearly stated on my blog for your discretion.

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