spotlight/ top 5 fall statement ties to make you shine


Ties can convey a lot about your own personal style, taste, and even your own sense of humor (shout out to ties with goofy graphics!)

This fall, make a statement about how unique your style is with these wonderful American made and Canadian made ties! Created with loads of love, tons of care, and 100% sweatshop-free, here are my top 5 statement ties for fall.


  1. French Knot Bow Tie
    Wearing a new silhouette can make you feel like an adventurer in the style scene. Peau De Loup‘s French Knot tie is the sleekest design without 20 steps on tying the best tie. You tie a simple knot twice and go, get those compliments you deserve! Although PDL owners Adelle Renaud and Beccy Anderson are well-known for creating menswear-style shirts for androgynous/women bodies, don’t underestimate how hot their accessories can be.
    Ethical Points: Made in Canada, locally made, handmade, supports community causes
    Price: $$

    2. Wooden Bow Tie
    Woodn’t you like a cool tie that has some tactical qualities that would be hard to beat? BÖ by MANSOURI has nifty neckwear to satisfy your inner lumberjack. The father and son duo, Mehran and Sam Mansouri, has been masterfully crafting a wide range of sustainable wooden bow ties from reclaimed wood, and leather material since 2013. They stand by their top quality construction and modern design with a warranty you can trust.
    Ethical Points: Made in Canada, locally made, handmade, uses secondhand material (reclaimed wood), finished with ecofriendly stains/varnishes
    Price: $$

    3. Liberty Print
    Add a dash of fun while keeping your elegance with a neutral fall colored liberty tie from Pomp and Ceremony. This Toronto-based accessory company has a solid selection of liberty printed ties, bow ties, and cuff links to match, if you want that meticulous cool. They were recently named “Souvenir of the Month” by Enroute Canada, which can be attributed to their distinguish use of the highest quality of cottons and silks.
    Ethical Points: Made in Canada, locally made, handmade
    Price: $$-$$$

    4. Knit Ties
    Show off how sophisticated you are as a knit connoisseur without the bulk of chunky, itchy sweaters. Pocket Square Clothing carries a beautiful line of American-made silk knit ties. Whether you want your tie in one tone, stripes, or polka dots, PSC has undeniably timeless knit ties to frame your gorgeous face perfectly.
    P.S. They also specialize in woven ties, bow ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, and tons more if you need to update on your classy closet.
    Ethical Points: Made in the United States, handmade
    Price: $$

    5. Origami Bow Ties
    You won’t be a square when you adorn yourself with Fiber Lab‘s intricate AF origami bow ties. Designer Justina Yang uses her background in structural engineer to expertly craft her architectural beauties in Vancouver, Canada. There’s almost 50 paper colours to choose from, so you can coordinate your outfit with your origami bow tie thoughtfully.
    Btw she has a lot of cool origami decor if you want to spruce up your home too!
    Ethical Points: Made in Canada, locally made, handmade
    Price: $

This post is not in any way sponsored or affiliated with the brands mention. If I am affiliated with the brands in the future, it would be clearly stated on my blog for your discretion.

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