5 Wild Ways to Wear Wood


Designers Adam Teague and Tim Paslay started Two Guys Bow Ties in 2012 in order to create old school style accessories in a new, modern way. They certainly making a splash in menswear fashion, especially with their recent successful pitch on Shark Tank. It’s exciting to see a menswear company exceed and grow, especially with their commitment to use reclaimed wood for all their products. And with an investment of $150 000 Fashion Mogul Kevin O’Leary with a 15% return, sky’s the limited.

Wood isn’t just a material for your common coffee table or apartment floor any more. See how other designers are making their mark in the accessory scene, as they create interesting ways to wear wood.


  1. Bamboo Sunglasses
    Project Planted has the goods to give you the right specs-appeal. This Canadian accessory company creates all their wooden watches, wallets, and sunglasses from a sustainable forest.
    Ethical Points: Products made from sustainable bamboo, contributes to environmental causes (some proceeds go to planting a tree)
    Price: $$
  2. Wooden Bow Ties
    Wearing fashion that is made with a lot of meaning and care is always in. Ella Bing is well-known for their luxury wooden bow ties, but the family owned business started under unfortunate circumstances. In 2012 Brent Kraus brought his family together after the tragic suicide of his brother Matthew. Inspired by Matthew’s vibrant personality and dapper style, they created their bow tie business to honor him. With his mother Lisa sews their fabric neckwear, his father David handcrafts the wooden bow ties, they keep his spirit alive in each bow tie.
    Ethical Points: Made in the USA, handmade, contributes to community causes (10% of every purchase goes to Crisis Center of Tampa Bay)
    Price: $$-$$$$
  3. Wooden Flower Lapels
    If you’re looking to flourish at the next wedding you’re attending, look to the experts at Two Guys Bow Ties. This American-based fashion woodwork company are groundbreakers in the wooden fashion scene, they produce some of the most unique pieces. It’s refreshing that they can take a material as solid as wood, but design a delicate and fun design such as the flower lapel.
    Ethical Points: Made in the USA, handmade, products made from reclaimed wood
    Price: $$

4. Wooden Pocket Square
Forget the notion that all pocket squares are made from fabric. Sleek and masterfully crafted in Chicago, Monties‘ wooden pocket squares are sure to add class to your next date outfit. It’ll leave your admirer wondering, how does it stay in place? This smart design has your pocket square held in place with a magnet, but you can keep that between you and Monties.
Ethical Points: Made in the USA, handmade, made from sustainable forest, finished with beeswax (not harmful chemicals)
Price: $

5. Wooden Rings
Clive Roddy is truly an unique and innovative designer. I’m honestly wild about everything he designs! From his pencil shaving-shaped desk tidy to his cactus coasters, Roddy is a savant who can create anything amazing with wood…including rings! He crafts beautiful stackable rings, that when combined, create a miniature forest, mountains, or even a little neighborhood of houses. You can wear them individually or even mix and match any of the rings, and you’ll still have a little world right at your finger tips.
Ethical Points: Made in the U.K., handmade, made from sustainable wood
Price: $

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