Top TED Talks for Sustainable Fashion and Innovations


Every month I offer you a few lessons and facts about sustainable fashions. I enjoy talking about a topic I’m so passionate about, but why not hear from a few more experts? Hearing from the masters and innovators changing the fashion game is one of the best ways to learn and get inspired.

Here is my round-up for inspiring and educational TED Talks regarding sustainable fashion and technical advances in garment innovations. I sincerely hope you learn a few new things about how vast the future of fashion is.

  1. Suzanne Lee: Grow Your Own Clothes

As a fashion designer, Suzanne Lee understands the limitations traditional fabrics we use in fashion are. But what if we could grow our own fabrics instead? In Lee’s TED talk, she explores growing materials using bacteria, yeast, and more instead of using deplorable resources. No wonder Lee’s fashion meets eco-innovation BioCouture was included in The Top 50 Best Inventions of 2010 by Time Magazine.

2. Dr. Christina Dean, You Are What You Wear

It’s no secret that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Dr. Christina Dean gives a thought-provoking (rightfully so, guilt-provoking) talk about the responsibility of every consumer, whether they’re aware or not. Being the Founder and CEO of the NGO Redress, she helps fight for environmental sustainability in the fashion industry, but also teaches other that you are what you wear.

3. Edda Hamar, What Are You Wearing? Take It Off

Edda Hamar was inspired by other ethical designers to celebrate the work of sustainable designers by starting Undress Runways. In her TED Talk, Hamar gives you “seven sneaky facts” about her untraceable dress she’s wearing, and shows you her ethically responsible alternative. Her point is straight forward, if you don’t know where you clothing is from, take it off.

4.Pauline van Dongen, Crafting Wearables

Pauline van Dongen is a leading designer in technological fashion advances. The future is not only sustainable fashion, but the use of wearable technology is a fresh expression, new opportunity, personalized tool, and an intimate interface. Pauline van Dongen’s innovation lead her to create a solar panel dress that can charge your phone and a 3D printed shoes that are lightweight yet sturdy.

5. Gihan Amarasiriwardena, The Everyday Batsuit: Clothing Reinvented

Cofounder of Ministry of Supply, Gihan Amarasiriwardena proposes that technical advances in wearable fashion can improve our daily lives, such as socks that breathe and supports our foots or material that prevents sweat stains. He explains the elements of 3D model knitting machines that can create dynamic clothing and accessories, but also how we are producing extensions for our bodies with technology.

6. Iris Van Herpen, 3D Printed Dress

Ok, so this isn’t exactly a TED Talks, but this still gets an honorable mention and well worth viewing. Iris Van Herpen is an innovative Dutch designer who dominates in avant-garde and artistic expression. She has collaborated with a many artists in multiple disciplines, but most notably, has pioneered fashion with 3D printing. I’ve mentioned 3D printing a few times in this article, I thought you should see a first hand look at how it’s done from the masters.

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