Top 7 Ethical Stores with the Perfect Warm


Before the next perform storm, make sure your head has the perfect warm! Hats off to you for choosing ethical stores that choose to manufacture the top quality while ensuring their employees are safe. You can keep your head warm (and you heart) with this week’s Spotlight with my top 7 stores carrying well made and well designed winter hats.


  1. Everlane

Luxury with a conscious, Everlane’s chunky wool beanie is made of 100% extra-fine Merino wool from the finest Italian supplier. The fine gauge of the knit means less cold air passing through, and more insulation where it counts.
BTW normally Everlane only ships to North America (bummer…), BUT being a leader in radical transparency, you’re bound to cause a big splash worldwide. For a limited time offer, they are offering international shipping! Show Everlane you care, they might offer it permanently if the demand is apparent.
Ethical Points: Ethically made in China, pays workers fair living wage, honest about consumer mark-up, transparent about manufacturing conditions
Price: $$

If you want a custom hat made by expert hands, Bridget of Tarstitch has exactly what you need for when you’re heading to the next skating rink. This New York designer is self-taught, but fueled by her skilled family members of different disciplines. With 20 colours of wool yarn to choose from, you can pick your two-tone hats to match perfectly with your winter coat or beloved scarf.
Ethical Points: Locally produced in the United States, handmade
Price: $$$

3. Topo Designs
Keep your head warm, and also heart, with this USA made hat from Topo Designs. The outdoor lifestyle is engrained in their company culture, so they know about staying warm whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or commuting to your 9 to 5. If a trio of fun primary colors aren’t your thing, there’s five colours to choose from (yes, there’s an all black option!).
Ethical Points: Locally produced in the United States
Price: $

4. Brothers We Stand
If you’re looking for a cozy hug for your noggin, Silverstick makes their beanie hat in a snug fit and in your choice of three colours. This itch-free beanie will keep your skull insulated while still being breathable (no sweaty hat hair here!) While you are hiking to the top of your mountain, trust that Silverstick is at the top of the ethical game.
Ethical Points: Ethically made in England, pays workers above fair living wage, made of GOTS certified organic cotton, dyed with non azo dyes
Price: $$

5. Level Collective
Most of Level Collective’s hats are quickly going out of stock…and with good reason! Grab your Big Bob beanie while you still can, trust me, it’s only a matter of time unless the remaining ones are gone! The acrylic hand-crotched hat will shake your winter blues when you are dashing through the snow hand-in-hand with bae. Ethically made in Romania, when you invest in businesses that employ skilled women to produce, you invest in supporting their families and communities too.

Ethical Points: Ethically made in Romania, handmade
Price: $$$

6. DeBrosseNYC

The next time you go to a winter farmer’s market, you can look like a boss by wearing DebrosseNYC’s knit beanie. This all-American made wool hat is made with a wide brim to secure it firmly in place, just in case Mother Nature’s winds try to steal your hat. Sample those locally brewed beers freely and trust that the seamless design in your beanie means you can’t wear the hat backwards, even if you tried!
Ethical Points: Locally produced in the United States, handmade, support community causes (15% total purchase price supports orphan children in Haiti)
Price: $$$

7. Sourpuss Knits
Stand out from the fresh blanket of snow with this optical illusion, geometric beanie from Sourpuss Knits. Wait the shapes are inclining downwards…right? Whether it’s going up or down (pretty sure it’s down?), this cozy wool hat will keep you warm without overheating. If you’re looking for more colors or more pop, Sourpuss carries a great selection of bright knits.
Ethical Points: Locally produced in the United States, handmade
Price: $$$$

This post is not in any way sponsored or affiliated with the brands mention. If I am affiliated with the brands in the future, it would be clearly stated on my blog for your discretion.

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8 thoughts on “Top 7 Ethical Stores with the Perfect Warm

  1. Awesome round up! I actually work for a company that is involved in apparel manufacturing and finding brands that are ethical and affordable is getting harder and harder. Glad to see there are companies committed to doing it right.
    xx | A


    1. Anastasia,
      I’m so happy to hear that you work for an ethical company! I’m always on the look out for ethical brands to write about 🙂
      I couldn’t agree more, it’s difficult to find companies that are really committed to producing ethically, but when you do, they have my loyalty.


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