Top HJJ Posts in 2015


2015 was an absolutely crazy year for HJJ! Though we just started this summer,


Here are the top posts for 2015! Included in this best of is a combination of posts that are best received by you, most memorable to write, and most informative that could be referenced anytime.

What are some of your favs?


Gifts under $50 for the foodie fanatic


Chop, chop! The festive season is coming to it’s end soon, though it feels like it just begun. You’re here to thank that special foodie in your life, for all those fresh muffins they baked you when you were groggy, for those gourmet meals they slaved over, and who can forget those infamous biscuits they make when you’re feeling down. Now it’s your serve up some big thank you and love.

If you’re looking for last minute gifts that’ll WOW that special foodie in your life, here are my top 5 gifts under $50 that’ll surely impress them.


#AskHJJ: Being 100% Ethical?


I’m very excited to introduce my new ethical series, #AskHJJ! Readers can submit their questions to me via email, Facebook, or Instagram. Once a month on my social media, I’ll put out a post where you can ask me questions of ethical things you’re curious about, or simply use the #AskHJJ.

I began talking about ethical fashion on here as a way of educating my friends (plus you), so it only felt appropriate the first questions come from them!


alternative gifts for the ethically inclined


It isn’t easy buying gifts for your socially conscious friends. You can’t run to the local mall any old gift with mysterious origins. I know these struggles. You both mean well, but wires can get crossed.

Communication is key, talk to your friends about what ethical direction they want to move into. Suggest any of these alternative gifts to them, and you’ll surely warm their hearts (without stepping on any toes).

6 unique gifts for the leather aficonado


Leather is a tough material, both metaphorically and physically. With it’s supple and versatile nature, designers all over the world are creating very distinct pieces coveted by fashion lovers everywhere.
If you’re shopping for a leather addict who lives for unique pieces to add to their collection, these 6 leathercraft designers will surely have their next fav piece in store.