6 unique gifts for the leather aficonado


Leather is a tough material, both metaphorically and physically. With it’s supple and versatile nature, designers all over the world are creating very distinct pieces coveted by fashion lovers everywhere.
If you’re shopping for a leather addict who lives for unique pieces to add to their collection, these 6 leathercraft designers will surely have their next fav piece in store.


  1. Ori Choker by Creepyyeha
    If you’re going to talk about unique leathercrafts, it’s impossible to not mention the mistress of leather herself, Creepyyeha! Lovingly made in NYC, designer Yeha Leung revolutionizes the lingerie aesthetic by lifting it from the back of your underwear drawer to the front lines of street style. Don’t believe me? Ask her army of baby doll fans, singer-songwriter FKA Twigs, or adult film star Stoya. If your giftee loves leather, Creepyyeha has it all: chokers, bras, garters, and seriously so much more.
  2. Leather Feather Necklace by Love at First Blush
    If you think Canadians can’t handle their leather, Love at First Blush is here to show you how wrong you really are. Torontonian Designer Sabrina Chin creates her sweet and sophisticated signature feather chokers using lambskin and expertly handcuts them to actually resemble a feather. Your paramour will look luxe AF with a gold dipped feather leather adorned around their collarbone, plus “feather leather” is fun to say.
    Pssst…there’s matching earrings too!
  3. Ponytail Wrap-Up by Jakimac
    Looking for an edgy, high end gift? Jakimac is your new best friend. L.A. Designer Jackie Capozzoli creates badass body harnesses, and leather goods that will make every outfit a show-stopper. Many of Jakimac’s harnesses are customizable, allowing you to choose your hardware color and leather color. The style is sleek and minimalist, using only the best leather tanned in the States and embossing each piece with a clear message of strength.
  4. Dachshund Leather Brooch by BenuMade
    HOT DOG, that’s a cute pooch…I mean brooch! Almost everything designer Pauline Hagan touches turns into gold, including all her handmade gold leather statement pieces. With over 3 years of experience and 950+ sales, Benumade knows a thing or two about designing and cutting bold and cheeky jewelry. You can’t go with wrong with gold, you can rest on your laurels knowing your giftee is satisfied with their new go-to piece.
  5. Navy and Camel Leather Bowtie by Nolaleather
    Designer Jean Makin is making your next gift for your dapper partner as bold as they are. This bowtie comes in your choice various colors or the timeless color combo of navy bow and camel neckband. It comes with free personalization embossing of three initials, making it all the more personal. All of Nolaleather’s bow ties and leather accessories are handmade by the designer herself, so the sophisticatedly-inclined will appreciate all the little details that goes into it.
  6. Black and White Tassle Bracelet by Boo and Boo Factory
    Boo and Boo Factory understands that world needs more fun, and… fun! Designer Cristina Anton designs with an exploration of colour and shapes in mind, passing on her creative outlets to a curious customer. Perfect for your friends with a creative and uninhibited nature, her eclectic statement necklaces, colourful clutches, and jewelry will surely leave them with a smile ear to ear.

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This post is not in any way sponsored or affiliated with the brands mention. If I am affiliated with the brands in the future, it would be clearly stated on my blog for your discretion.

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