alternative gifts for the ethically inclined


It isn’t easy buying gifts for your socially conscious friends. You can’t run to the local mall any old gift with mysterious origins. I know these struggles. You both mean well, but wires can get crossed.

Communication is key, talk to your friends about what ethical direction they want to move into. Suggest any of these alternative gifts to them, and you’ll surely warm their hearts (without stepping on any toes).

Donation to Charity
I’m personally asking my friends to do this for me too, and it’s actually fun. Tell your giftee that you want to donate to the charity of their choosing. As a giftee, you don’t hear this request often so it’s very exciting that your friends are willing to help a charity that you care about! You can pool the money and match it with your own donation too.

Wishlist Items for Charity
If you look at sites for homeless shelters, womens shelters, and many other organizations, they may list specific items they’re in need of. These items are often times are in high demand, but aren’t donated as often…especially when some shelters ONLY accept new items. Make this gift about togetherness, you can pick an organization you both care about, and fill a gift bag with those wishlist items. A women’s shelter may request slippers, diapers, or stationary for kids. A homeless shelter may need new socks, toiletries, or linens. Why not go in together and buy your local shelter a new microwave from their wishlist?

Ethical Gifts
Ok, so it’s not so much as an alternative, but it should still be considered! You can keep this one a surprise if you wish. HJJ has some gift guides ready for your viewing, if you want to buy your giftee something unique and handmade. They’ll be touched you put in your own research for your gift, you’ll tell them about how Everblock is made from recycled material or how Jakimac is entirely handmade in NYC. They’ll get excited about a new brand they haven’t heard of, and they have you to thank for that! (Take all the credit, you deserve it).

There’s a butt-ton tutorials where you can make your own nifty gift. Making your own gift doesn’t have to look hastily throw together, show how much you care by putting a little elbow grease into it!

Gifts Cards to ethical brands
Sometimes it’s fun to pick out your own gifts, in lieu of the traditional surprise. You can support them supporting their fav brands, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!
Here are great ethical brands with fantastic selection, and a gift card to boot:

Links à la Mode #9, December 10

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This post is not in any way sponsored or affiliated with the brands mention. If I am affiliated with the brands in the future, it would be clearly stated on my blog for your discretion.

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