DIY Ideas to Try For the New Year!


The New Year is often a time for people to self-reflect and grow. It’s a time for open minds to learn new things, crafty hands to practice a new skill, and maybe check a thing or two off the new bucket list.

If you need some ideas and inspiration, HJJ has 5 ideas to try for the New Year.

  1. Fitness
    If you see the gym as an expensive option or the steep commitments gives you the urge to run for the hills, you’re not alone. If you’re looking to take care of your body and exercising your mind, doing yoga at home is fun and more economical.
    I’ve been using the Yoga Studio for years, and over the past month, I began doing yoga every morning (ok, I missed 3 days) and I never looked back. Yoga Studio allows you to start slow and learn with beginner classes. But if you’re an advanced yogi looking for a challenge, their advanced classes will put you in a bind (in the best way), with over 280 poses to try. And you can also make your own classes, customization at it’s best. It’s available on IOS, Android, and they recently launched their app for desktop.
  2. Cosmetic chemistry
    If you have sensitive skin or you like investing in ingredients you can trust, then you should try making your own beauty products! Uncommon Goods carries Mary Kearn’s DIY lip balm kit contains ethical ingredients such as organic sunflower oil, ethically-sourced beeswax, and more goodness your skin will love you for. All the packaging is thoughtfully printed on recycled paper and printed with soy ink. All kits are assembled in the United States, feel good about investing in American-made businesses.
  3. Knitting
    Knit is the unsung hero of your closet. It’s your warmest sweater, your coziest socks, now it’s your turn to make your own! I personally have always wanted to learn how to knit (it’s on that bucket list!), and Loopy Mango makes the perfect kit. Chunky knits are always in, why not start with a chunky knit hat. If you want to keep feeding your new-found knitting addiction, they also have a chunky cowl and flower child scarf to keep you going.
  4. Education
    Learning is virtue, but at that, it is not always affordable. There’s no hiding how expensive education is. If your love of music extends to an intellectual curiosity, or biology has piqued an interest in you since you were young, Coursera can teach you all about it! They have 1000+ free classes in many disciplines (such as life science, computer science, humanities, etc) across the map, and taught by 115+ distinguished schools across the world. You can listen in on a lecture on your own pace, 8AM Monday morning classes need not apply.
  5. Gardening
    If you’re always cooking up a storm in the kitchen or you’re a dedicated vegetarian looking exercise your green thumb, gardening is a great way to feel connected to your roots. Modern Sprout first came to fruition when it successfully launched on Kickstarter. Their wildly popular hydroponics were thoughtfully designed, and backed up and coveted by many. If you want to start gardening to reap the benefits of fresh herbs year round, their 3 jar herb kit is worth checking out (P.S. Oprah thinks so too.) If you got a busy schedule, and you fear the demise of your herbs, don’t worry, they’re self watering.What is something new you’re trying for 2016?

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