Marina and the Diamonds in Toronto


I bid 2015 a farewell with my Top HJJ Posts, but I didn’t share one of my personal highlights!

I wholeheartedly believe that attending a live music performance is a spiritual experience. If you listened to a beloved musician, feel every song, and understood their message, the intimate connection with them is intensified when they’re presence.

If this is the music that lifts you when you’re sad, or consoles you after heartache, then you understand what I mean. As for Marina and the Diamonds? She doesn’t hold back in telling you honest stories about loneliness, a desolate society, and songs about overcoming.
Set list from the Marina and the Diamonds performance at Sound Academy on November 2 2015.

Marina Diamandis is an ethereal goddess with a powerful voice and message to match. Her angelic voice is backed with a blunt narrator of the flaws of our society and a strong “no fucks given” attitude. If you ever get a chance to see her live, I STRONGLY advocate that you should, as it’ll improve your life quality.

Marina and her four band mates dazzled a packed room full of her Diamonds (that’s us, the fans), splitting her performance into a three-part act, giving tribute to each of her distinct albums. It’s such a real treasure for dedicated fans to experience all her albums with Marina’s robust dancing and her passionate siren sounds. If you think she can’t sound the way she does in her albums, she’ll prove you wrong by sounding x10 better.

As for my own personal spiritual experience? I screamed uncontrollably like a schoolchild, jumped fanatically to Marina’s dynamic energy expelled from her mouth, and screamed my heart out as I sang along …as did everyone else did. I cried to a few songs that hit a distinct cord with me, I like to think Marina knows which ones. I felt so connected to her then, as her music was the soundtrack to my early 20’s, and she continues to inspire me now. When she played Froot, my soul left my body. She sashayed with such confidence that made me sweat, I found myself absolutely lost in her voice and seductive presence.

Blue is one of my fav songs off her latest album, so I was heartbroken that she walked away without performing it. But her Diamonds did not give up so easily. We collectively chanted her name, in hopes that she would bless us with one more performance.

Like a dramatic climax out of my dreams, Marina returned! She thanked us, and gave us an amazing encore with Blue and Happy. Marina begged us, “I hate to sing alone, please sing with me.” and every Diamond in the room knew the words perfectly, shouting it at the top of their lungs, to let Marina know she would never be alone. In the same sense, if you listen to Marina’s music religiously, she too lets you know you aren’t alone either.

If you’re one of Marina’s diamonds, please let me know what your fav song of hers is. I’d love to know!

Happy- Marina and the Diamonds
(Personal fav off her third album, Froot)

Hollywood- Marina and the Diamonds
(One of my personal favs off her first album, The Family Jewels)

Primadonna- Marina and the Diamonds
(One of my personal favs off her second album, Electra Heart)



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