Boi, Oh Boi! Gift Guide For Andro Underthings


If you’re shopping for your alluring lover who feels strong and sexy wearing lace and mesh, I got a gift guide for that. But what if your beau feels sexy in other ways? In the bedroom, gym, and beyond, they prefer their bootys with a bit more coverage (there’s no doubt they pull it off flawlessly). And when they strut their stuff in a sports bra (and looks damn good in it too!)

Lovingly made by indie designers that understand how to make your bae comfy, here are heyjustjei’s top Valentine’s Day picks for every andro’s underthings.

  1. Under the Root
    Hazel Hipster Panties, $55
    With a tagline like, “Sensual alchemy for body movement visionaries” it’s easy to see what the allure of this American-made brand. They create boudoir accessories, loungerie, and everything a boho babe can want. Bae’s booty will get a comfy hug from these fair trade hemp and organic cotton hipsters. They can feel comfy knowing that these hipsters give a full bum coverage, all you gotta do is picking out your gifee’s fav color from the variety of colors they offer.
    Designer Jennifer Brown paid very close attention to the impact of their dyes and fabrics. Check out their detailed page (bravo!) with lots of rich info. They’ve done their homework to show you how ethical they really are.
  2. DaDa
    Black and Cyan Shorty, $26
    Quarterly Underwear Subscription, $73/year
    If your boo lives and breathes ethical and prefers a silhouette more square, they will definitely go gaga for DaDa. Shorty will appreciate that these shortys come in a variety of colorways, and are made of a bamboo and organic cotton blend. For the gift that keeps on giving, you’ll be happy to know that DaDa was powered by supporters on Kickstarter as a quarterly underwear service. And they have you to thank!
    Plus, DaDa needs a special shout out (brag about this to your boo). They ethically produce their garments in Sri Lanka, pay their workers a fair living wage, provide workers transportation, and to ensure workers safety they are routinely inspected by Garments Without Guilt!
  3. Origami Customs
    Custom Convertible Compression Binder Top, $43
    Custom colours? Check
    Comfortable compression? Check
    On the top of any andro’s wishlist? Check, check, check.
    Origami Customs designed a comfy binder top that is discreet, even when worn under a snug fitting garment. This binder top is designed thoughtfully with removable straps for your convenience, and a back mesh for the breath-ability and comfort. The cut is low enough to be discreet when your love needs it the most.
    BTW if you’re looking for a bottom underthing to accompany it with, these custom bamboo shorts would match with everything.
    Proudly a Canadian company, Rachel Hill designs for all bodies types herself in Montreal. Origami Customs is mindful that all packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, and hey their lingerie is made of organic bamboo too.
    Note: If you’re looking for a flattening binder for gender expression purposes, this binder top may not provide a tight enough compression.
  4. Braintree Clothing

    Ed’s Basic Bamboo Boxers, $15
    It’s not possible to be into sustainable clothing and not have heard about Braintree. This London-based brand for clothing and accessories are the pioneer of ecochic and have been making waves in the game since 1995. Braintree has everything to fill an ethical closet with stylish and sustainable clothing. Sustainable socks, comfy jackets, and anything else you can think of, yes they have it in an ecofriendly fabric!
    So if you’re trying to impress your ethical sweetheart, these tight-fitting bamboo briefs will surely knock their socks off (and possibly more!) You can choose between a sexy and devellish red/black combo shown above, but an electric blue can add a little zip to any underthing outfit. If your honey prefers to lounge around in shorts, yes they have loose shorts for the very occasion.
  5. Nün Bangkok
    Roadrunner Crop, $46
    Let your amour flex those MF heart strings for you in the hottest crop top around ethically made by Thai designer Nün Visitsak and her three skilled seamstresses. Nün Bangkok has such a fine quality with a sexy sportswear twist, I still wear my black tracker pants in the winter time.
    You could wear this under, but this top isn’t exactly an underthing. Don’t be discouraged, it’s so fine your love will be itching to show it off with every outfit (don’t say I didn’t warn you). The roadrunner crop comes with your choice of all black, all white, or gray and white mesh and spandex. With a great selection of cool tones and a sporty flare, you can bet on your giftee will be wearing this top with everything in their closet. All of Nün Bangkok’s collections are too cool to pass up, why not treat yourself to something to match bae with from their Inca One line?

    *Prices shown are listed in USD

This post is not in any way sponsored or affiliated with the brands mentioned. If I am affiliated with any brands in the future, it would be clearly stated on my blog for your discretion.


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