Gourdeous, the drawn Collection


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about urban gardening, as a relatively new interest. It doesn’t stray far from the green thumb I grew up with though. In my childhood, I helped my mother garden in our background. She grew tomatoes, walls of flowers, and I stumbled around carrying a watering can too big for my little hands. I saved the seeds from watermelons and mangoes to plant them later, unaware that the climate we lived in would not sustain my fruitless efforts.

My mother always talked about plants and flowers with great kindness, as if they too were creatures. “Don’t water indoor plants with water that is too cold,” she would remind me, “they get cold just like you.”

Gourdeous is inspired by the modern day urban farmer. Something comfortable, durable to get your sweat on before harvest. But still cool AF for a farmer’s market after party. For all the inspiring green thumbs in big city condos on the 20th floor, that only have a balcony to grow their herbs for Sunday’s brunch salads. They would still sneak up to the roof to check up on their veggies.

The urban farmer is self-reliant and independent, but very loving to their crow friends. Likewise, crows are vindictive and cunning, but loyal to their murder. Their crow friends will help peck out insects invading the crops, defend the sprouting veggies from rodents, and ofc steal a long bean from competing farmers, if needed.







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