Hello everyone!
As you may have noticed, I have posted every Tuesday since the conception of HJJ…except last week.
Change is coming, but don’t fret, change is good! It’s growth, and I wanted to share with you why.

I have so much planned for HJJ, that I want to focus on quality blogging rather than quantity. I’ve always tried to juggle both, but this is the next step of evolution. I’ll still see you every month, but just not as frequently as before.
But when you do come back, the new content you see will be better than ever.

Until then, if you need to get your fix, follow me on the following:

Pinterest: Experience inspirational pins with lots of outfits, garment detailing, and portraits of interesting faces.
BTW there’s a lot of black and white everything!

Facebook: On Weekends I post cool links about ethical fashion, fashion tech innovations, and interesting articles from badass bloggers.

Instagram: Drawings, food, and more life stuff. Probably selfies….ok, most def selfies.

Tumblr: Yup, HJJ is finally on tumblr! I want to get to know you as well as vice versa.
Drawing is a strong passion of mine, so it’s impossible for me not to share it with you. It’s a more personal look at what inspires me, I’ll be posting more of my illustration and doodles there.

Thank you so much for supporting HJJ, I’m excited to see you on my social media and ofc back here again.


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