The best use of #TBT if you ask me, but hey let’s turn back the clock a couple weeks to one of the funnest times of the year…TCAF! There’s so much to see at TCAF, there’s 3 floors of amazing artists in every genre of art and graphic novels you can possibly imagine.

My favorite part of TCAF is seeing what each individual artists brings to the table (pun intended), and meeting the brilliant minds that inspire their worlds. Pluuuuus you can support them by buying their books and wares, you can’t go wrong.
I highly recommend going to TCAF if you care about anything of the following:

  • Art
  • Comics
  • Having fun
  • Supporting local/indie artists


Note: Some links below are slightly NSFW for the nature of art explores all topics of life
Left to right (top to bottom):
Swampson, (wooden pin)Laura Heikala, Michael DeForgeKelly KwangHellen Jo
Megumi Igarashi, Jane Mai, Massive Goods
James Chapman, (colorful pin) Ginette Lapalme, Joshua Barkman

I had the great pleasure of meeting feminist icon Megumi Igarashi, big thank you to Massive Goods for hosting the meet and greet. If you haven’t heard of the international known manko (Japanese slang for female genitalia) artist, her story is interesting and oh so important. It started with Japanese artist Rokundenashiko (aka the “good for nothing” woman), simply asking, “What’s wrong with manko?”. Through her 3D printed kayak of her genitalia, and distributing the 3D prints, she was arrested twice. You can’t stop her expression and fight to desexualize mankos everywhere.
Free manko, free yourself.

The fact that I was arrested for this at all shows that Japan is still very backwards about women’s sexual expression…



I picked up a couple of Frontier Zines from Youth in Decline and I’m feel so blessed that I did. I have a Frontier addiction now, the artists that showcase their stories in Frontier have such unique and fresh styles.

The above is Frontier #2, illustrated by the wildly talented Hellen Jo. Her style is so striking, and her portraits of rebellious youth? Instantly struck a cord with me.
Check out her store to be part of her scene.

The Below is Frontier #12 drawn by Canadian Artist Kelly Kwang. I’m absolutely in love with Youth Space Cadets, Kwang has created a whole world in this zine about the internet, loneliness, and the inhabitants dealing with both. The fashions in YSC are distinct, and the message is clear.

Be part of her world by checking out her store. She carries super cool clothes that can be seen in YSC. At her booth, she had TINY zines, trading cards of her characters, and the BIGGEST phone charms I’ve ever seen, hopefully she’ll stock them in her store soon!


The highlight of my TCAF this year was meeting the wonderful Jane Mai! I’ll be quite honest, I had crazy jitters beforehand. I’ve followed her Tumblr for yeeears. Her comics are hilarious, and so relatable. Plus I admire that her art style is so varied, it can be very cute and cheeky or quite illustrious and expressive.

I saw See You Next Tuesday was being sold on the first floor by Koyama Press, but I thought, No I must buy it from Jane Mai. When I finally reached her booth, both SYNT and Sunday in the Park With Boys were sold out! She said that Koyama Press would have it. Ofc they do, pfft I saw it, I’ll just pop back downstairs and grab SYNT.
Ah…They sold out.

I went back upstairs to talk to Jane Mai once more. Telling her SYNT sold out was memorable, she seemed quite humbled and even a bit shocked. Jane Mai’s insanely sweet and down to earth af.

Thank you so much for putting up with my fangirliness Jane Mai. I really enjoyed talking to you! I’ll bring my copy of See You Next Tuesday next time so you can sign it.

Support this nice kid:
Jane Mai’s on Patreon
Jane Mai’s books
Jane Mai stationary and goods (most books sold out tho!)




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