Life/ Toronto Art Book Fair



Last weekend I had the good fortune of attending the very first Toronto Art Book Fair! The four day fair was held at the Artscape Youngplace from June 16th – June 19th 2016, and entry is free!

It was 3 floors of the most variety any art appreciator would enjoy. The hallways and rooms were filled with comic books, zines, apparel, small books. Art styles ranged from

Note: Some links below are slightly NSFW for the nature of art explores all topics of life




Massive Goods at any fair is a great start to any event! The lovely people at Massive are always good company, lots of energy, spewing with charisma, and their sense of humor. They noticed my Massive shirt, which always feels like a welcoming way to start a convo. It’s not my first time talking about my love of Massive, as they are the leaders of representating of queer Asian art as well as Japanese feminist art. How often can you say that?

Shown above: Founder Anne Ishii and Torontonian icon John Thai and their reaction to my request of “act natural” followed by three poses that are charming and Sears catologue worthy.



Another familiar face, the amazing comic artist/illustrator Chu who runs FANGRRLZ. Each time I’ve seen her at TCAF there is always a large crowd of fans lining up around her booth, dying for a moment to peak at her original goods. Comic art, apparel, handmade ceramic pins, stationary, Chu designs it all.

If you do have a chance to see her booth at a zine fair, buy your fav goods right then and there! Everything is of a limited run. That means once it’s gone, it’s gone.

OFC it was an absolute must that I picked up the collaborative fanzine for Kamikaze Girls, the 2004 Japanese film about the unlikely friendship of a sweet lolita and her yanki.

This collaborative zines showcases the amazing work of Chu herself, Jane Mai, Kelly Kwang, and lots more.



Insanely detailed art by Kelly Kwang


Incredibly expressive art by Eli Howey. He’s the founder of Sever Press, a local printing house that produces high quality, silk screened by hand goods. They do everything from apparel to books and with such distinct aesthetic.

Shown above is a snippet of Slow Machines. Some pages are gold leafed, which is an amazing detail. Each page feels like an original painting, it’s a fantastic tactical and visual experience.



A thousand thank you’s to the lovely gentleman at Frontier‘s booth who was kind enough to gift me this beautiful edition of Wayward Arts magazine. Frontier is a Canadian magazine that celebrates risks involved with exploration of art and design. BUT they are not only a magazine, but they also rent design space and are really involved.

What I love about Wayward Arts magazine is that each edition is curated by different design studios expressing a specific theme. No two editions are similar, not even close. You can read more about them here.

Shown above is my fav spread from the edition, which you can view for free in full view.



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