Toronto Queer Zine Fair Pop Up

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This past Sunday I attended a fundraising pop-up shop that Toronto Queer Zine Fair was holding in order to fundraising for their zine fair in October. If you haven’t heard about TQZF, you’re missing out! TQZF is a local fair that lends their platform to give marginalized LGBTQ people a voice through zines. Artists can express themselves limitlessly through poetry, short stories, paintings, comics, and more in handmade zines.

I met some new artists and saw many wonderful familiar faces. Shout out to all queer artists expressing their stories and art to the world.


Note: Some material below are slightly NSFW for the nature of art explores all topics of life




I had a lovely time speaking to Elisha about their art work and traded dating stories too. Elisha Lim is a local living legend that I always look forward meeting. Elisha’s medium is a graphic novelist, jewelry designer, and musician. Their style is emotional sweet (but not sappy), introspective, and at times painfully nostalgic (in the best way possible, like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in graphic form). I met them last year at TCAF 2015 where I bought 100 Crushes and confessed my fangirlish admiration for them. This time around, I bought a charmingly little pen pin and a collection of Favorite Dating Tales. Elisha themselves described the comic book as one of their fav pieces published, and it’s easy to see why. The visual styling is realistic as well as the emotional tales told in an interesting non-linear narrative.

It’s so difficult, yet clear to me why meeting Elisha Lim means so much to me. There aren’t many openly-queer Asians in general, for a variety of complicated and homophobic reasons. I’ve admired Elisha Lim since my younger days, where having any openly gay Asian role models was far and few in between. Having met them more then once and had lovely conversations where we joke and exchange stories is surreal to me.

Thank you continuing to tell your stories and for sharing your beautiful art work Elisha! Be sure to visit them at this coming TQZF!


(Left to right) Slow Machines, Forming 1, Forming 2hjj_elihowey4

I first met Eli Howey at this past June’s Toronto Comic Art Fair. He’s one of the founding members of Sever Press, which is a Toronto-based indie company that produces amazing quality of art books and clothing. Specializing in etching and screenprinting, Eli’s style is instantly distinct and deeply emotional. My first book of his was Slow Machines, which is still a fav of mine from my small press book collection. Each page spread has a story to tell, leaving it’s own impression onto the reader.

Forming 1 and Forming 2 had more of a comic-style, as story telling was told with poetry and detailed paintings.


hjj_amritbrar1hjj_amritbrar2If you appreciate sass and wit accompanied with amazingly detailed art, Amrit Brar has exactly what you need. Amrit’s signature series is Shitty Horoscopes, a collection of funny and ridic horoscopes that made it’s debut from Kickstarter.
The book pictured above is a hilarious of misadventures with racist ghosts and queer paranormal activity.


Brettney Lou‘s lusty waterprint



Haiku zine and sticker by Death Cookie Soup Press



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