hey just jei is an alternative menswear and minimalist style and fashion blog. HJJ has 3 main values:

hey just jei team//

//style blogger, jei


Here’s 5 facts about me you can digest:
1) I’ve been a Toronto-based style blogger since 2012 on my first blog, just jell. I love sharing my outfits and the stories they tell. I believe our garments, not necessarily the price-tag or brand name, can say a lot about our past or future.

2) I’m a fashion designer. I want to share my processes and creation when I draw, draft, sew (you’ll see illustrations, work-in-progresses, photo shoots here too!)

3) I’m passionate about androgynous fashions and minimalism. It’s not just a look, but it’s a mindset too, a cloth of comfort, a place to be yourself wherever you go.

4) I love movies that make me cry. A good sad movie will haunt me whenever I l tearfully look back on it.

5) I shave my own head and have been doing it for years! The trick is practice and a lot of patience. I’ll do a tutorial on it one day!

//photographer: Tee


I’m very excited to welcome a new member of the HJJ team, photographer Tee!

1) With over a decade of photography experience, she’s a expert in macro and more. But she always pushes herself to experiment and grow her techniques.

Weapon of choice: Nikon D300s

2) Self-described “crazy dog lady”, Tee is a proud mother of three loving dogs: a Rottweiler, Pomeranian, and miniature Dachshund.

P.S. If you ever visit Tee’s Instagram, it’s filled with amazing macros and her dressed up dogs have their own photoshoots too!

3) Tee enjoys drinking tea.


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