Toronto Queer Zine Fair Pop Up

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This past Sunday I attended a fundraising pop-up shop that Toronto Queer Zine Fair was holding in order to fundraising for their zine fair in October. If you haven’t heard about TQZF, you’re missing out! TQZF is a local fair that lends their platform to give marginalized LGBTQ people a voice through zines. Artists can express themselves limitlessly through poetry, short stories, paintings, comics, and more in handmade zines.

I met some new artists and saw many wonderful familiar faces. Shout out to all queer artists expressing their stories and art to the world.


Note: Some material below are slightly NSFW for the nature of art explores all topics of life




Hello everyone!
As you may have noticed, I have posted every Tuesday since the conception of HJJ…except last week.
Change is coming, but don’t fret, change is good! It’s growth, and I wanted to share with you why.

I have so much planned for HJJ, that I want to focus on quality blogging rather than quantity. I’ve always tried to juggle both, but this is the next step of evolution. I’ll still see you every month, but just not as frequently as before.
But when you do come back, the new content you see will be better than ever.

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Thank you so much for supporting HJJ, I’m excited to see you on my social media and ofc back here again.

7 Everyday Changes to Save Water



This is the first part of the ongoing series: Ecofriendly for Every Element

Not every action needs to be big in order to be meaningful. Every step you take to help the Earth spin a little more peacefully is a meaningful step. I’ve given you some tips before about alternative places to donate your clothing and the beginner’s guide to ethical fashion. If you’ve read those handy posts before, you’re ready for more steps.

When you save water, you help save the world, and a pretty penny in your pocket. For my first part of my new series, here are 10 easy ecofriendly changes to conserve water everyday. Earth, our oceans, and all of it’s inhabitants thank you for the effort.

Are there any useful tips I missed? I wanna hear from you, comment below.

Top HJJ Posts in 2015


2015 was an absolutely crazy year for HJJ! Though we just started this summer,


Here are the top posts for 2015! Included in this best of is a combination of posts that are best received by you, most memorable to write, and most informative that could be referenced anytime.

What are some of your favs?



Welcome to hey just jei!

I’m Jei and I’ve been style blogging since 2012 (with my first blog.) My goal here is to share everything with you:

  • the stories and history behind my garments and outfits
  • open a dialogue about androgyny through my androgynous guides
  • exploring minimalism and androgynous fashions and attitudes
  • shine a spotlight on indie designers, stores creating unique, innovative, and ethical fashions
  • show you my fashion design process and creations

Thank you and enjoy your stay.