5 Truths You Should Know About Your Beauty Products

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Did you know I’ve always wanted to do a section on HJJ where I review beauty products? I’m constantly on a search for the next best facial cleanser, a non-problematic sunscreen, or soothing face mask that won’t burn my face.
Problem? I find that despite that I invest in products that are labelled “for sensitive skin” or “dermatologist tested”, everything makes me break out or causes my skin to burn. I’ve flushed so much money down the drain on products that did more damage than good, I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience or two.

After some research, I learned some important lessons that everyone whose interested in beauty products should know, sensitive-skin or not. This could help you save your money on claims that just aren’t true.



Top HJJ Posts in 2015


2015 was an absolutely crazy year for HJJ! Though we just started this summer,


Here are the top posts for 2015! Included in this best of is a combination of posts that are best received by you, most memorable to write, and most informative that could be referenced anytime.

What are some of your favs?

alternative places to donate your used clothing (other than thrift shops)

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I’ve talked about the importance of thrift shops in last week’s Androgynous Guide. Great organizations, such as Goodwill, will support community causes and invest their proceeds back into the lives of helping needy people.

But did you know, there’s a limit to how much thrift stores can resell in their own stores? Thrift stores often sell excess back to third world countries and use those proceeds to help with their own community causes. I’m not in any way suggesting turning your back on your local thrift stores, but to consider helping other charities as well. A bit of research can open a lot of doors to who else is in need of your preloved clothing.

secondhand vs vintage; all the definitions you need to know part II

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You read about a great, new “vintage” store that opened downtown, “secondhand” stores like Grailed keeps getting a lot of hot press, and you heard up-and-coming ethical brands have clothing that’s “made to last”.

But what does it all mean? Ethical fashion has a lot of terms you may not be familiar with. Even though you’re armed with a definitions guide, there’s more words that are well worth learning about.

Besides, clothing with history or a story to tell is a lot more interesting than mysterious clothing with unknown origins.


androgynous guide/ suitable last minute Halloween costume ideas

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Let’s get down to the nitty gritty: Halloween is less than two weeks away and you need a costume that:

  • is easy and fun
  • doesn’t break the bank
  • you can throw together last minute
    Your secret weapon?
    That suit hanging in your closet. With a bit of imagination and a few defining accessories, you can rock 6 cool costumes that you can’t tell are thrown together last minute.HJJ_suitablehalloween

ethical vs sustainable fashions; all the definitions you need to know

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You’re watching a documentary that focuses on “ethical fashion”, window shop online and read about “cruelty-free” soap, or hear about an innovative “fair trade” brand on Indiegogo.

When you’re embarking into the world of ethical fashion, you’re going to get hurled with a lot of definitions and new words. Did you know that ethical fashion and sustainable aren’t interchangeable terms?

Let’s be honest, it can get confusing. With this Androgynous Guide, here’s a definitions cheat sheet with all the terms you may encounter. Learning more about all the branches of ethical fashion may help you focus on what ethical issues are most important to you!


androgynous guide/ 3 back to school looks that you already have

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Previous Androgynous Guides: 1, 2


Photography: Tee Hui

It’s no secret that school takes a big hit on your wallet. Increasing tuition costs, new books every semester, there’s no end to school fees.
Why break the bank for back to school clothing, when everything you need is already in your closet? In this Androgynous Guide, I show you three easy looks for school that can easily be created with everything you already have.

Which one best represents your style?

Androgynous Guide/ Beginner’s Guide To Ethical Fashion

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Previous Androgynous Guides: 1

The movement and demand for more ethical fashion is slow but necessary. But with accident after accident across thousands of factories in Asia, the fashion industry can’t continue being ignorant of vulnerable workers and the dire state of the world’s affairs.

Most notably was the tragedy of Rana Plaza. On April 2013, one of the worst garment factory disasters in history shook the lives of thousands of Bangladeshi workers, their families and the fashion industry. Rana plaza, an eight-story garment factory, collapsed into the ground, claiming the lives of 1200+ workers and injuring 2500+ more.

Knowledge really is power, so here’s a beginner’s guide to ethical fashion. It isn’t as pricey, bland or as hard as you may think.

Androgynous Guide/ 3 Ways To Wear Your Fav T-Shirt

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Welcome to the first part of the monthly series, Androgynous Guide!

I am in no way an expert and there is no “right” way or one way to be androgynous. But the goal of androgynous guide is to give you some ideas and open a dialogue about what it means to androgynous yourself.

Start by picking your fav t-shirt. I chose my organic cotton, striped t-shirt from Muji. T-shirts are great, simple canvases allowing artists to share their art upon it or for loud graphics to take over. Here are some ideas of dressing up your fav t-shirt for any occasion.

1// Business Casual
heyjustjei_tshirt1 heyjustjei_tshirt2 heyjustjei_tshirt3