The best use of #TBT if you ask me, but hey let’s turn back the clock a couple weeks to one of the funnest times of the year…TCAF! There’s so much to see at TCAF, there’s 3 floors of amazing artists in every genre of art and graphic novels you can possibly imagine.

My favorite part of TCAF is seeing what each individual artists brings to the table (pun intended), and meeting the brilliant minds that inspire their worlds. Pluuuuus you can support them by buying their books and wares, you can’t go wrong.
I highly recommend going to TCAF if you care about anything of the following:

  • Art
  • Comics
  • Having fun
  • Supporting local/indie artists


Note: Some links below are slightly NSFW for the nature of art explores all topics of life
Left to right (top to bottom):
Swampson, (wooden pin)Laura Heikala, Michael DeForgeKelly KwangHellen Jo
Megumi Igarashi, Jane Mai, Massive Goods
James Chapman, (colorful pin) Ginette Lapalme, Joshua Barkman