Toronto Queer Zine Fair Pop Up

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This past Sunday I attended a fundraising pop-up shop that Toronto Queer Zine Fair was holding in order to fundraising for their zine fair in October. If you haven’t heard about TQZF, you’re missing out! TQZF is a local fair that lends their platform to give marginalized LGBTQ people a voice through zines. Artists can express themselves limitlessly through poetry, short stories, paintings, comics, and more in handmade zines.

I met some new artists and saw many wonderful familiar faces. Shout out to all queer artists expressing their stories and art to the world.


Note: Some material below are slightly NSFW for the nature of art explores all topics of life




The best use of #TBT if you ask me, but hey let’s turn back the clock a couple weeks to one of the funnest times of the year…TCAF! There’s so much to see at TCAF, there’s 3 floors of amazing artists in every genre of art and graphic novels you can possibly imagine.

My favorite part of TCAF is seeing what each individual artists brings to the table (pun intended), and meeting the brilliant minds that inspire their worlds. Pluuuuus you can support them by buying their books and wares, you can’t go wrong.
I highly recommend going to TCAF if you care about anything of the following:

  • Art
  • Comics
  • Having fun
  • Supporting local/indie artists


Note: Some links below are slightly NSFW for the nature of art explores all topics of life
Left to right (top to bottom):
Swampson, (wooden pin)Laura Heikala, Michael DeForgeKelly KwangHellen Jo
Megumi Igarashi, Jane Mai, Massive Goods
James Chapman, (colorful pin) Ginette Lapalme, Joshua Barkman

Marina and the Diamonds in Toronto


I bid 2015 a farewell with my Top HJJ Posts, but I didn’t share one of my personal highlights!

I wholeheartedly believe that attending a live music performance is a spiritual experience. If you listened to a beloved musician, feel every song, and understood their message, the intimate connection with them is intensified when they’re presence.

If this is the music that lifts you when you’re sad, or consoles you after heartache, then you understand what I mean. As for Marina and the Diamonds? She doesn’t hold back in telling you honest stories about loneliness, a desolate society, and songs about overcoming.

life/ Fan Expo Toronto 2015



A weekend ago I had a blast attending Toronto’s Fan Expo. It’s easy to see why 120 000+ attendees from across the country and the United States flock to this annual event. It’s an exciting environment where artists, attendees, cosplayers, and every type of enthusiast come to this four day event to celebrate their passions. Horror, sci-fi, gaming, anime, comics, and more, there’s something for everyone.

life/ New York, New York You’re a Helluva Town part ii



This is my final part of my NYC series, first is here.

If you google where to go and what to see in NYC, there’s dozens of helpful guides and checklists. It’s a great way of getting opinions of locals, and avid travelers, who know all the MUST have experiences.

But what are my personal goals when travelling? I have three major things I must do:

  1. Experience what the locals enjoy
  2. Eat local or renown cuisine
  3. Window shop
  4. Visit their fabric stores

I popped in a couple fabric stores, BUT I was unable to visit the infamous Mood this time around (next time I’ll make it work!). But nothing stops me from living up my NYC experience!

life/ New York, New York You’re a Helluva Town part i



This is my first part of my NY series, final is here.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I spent a few days in the city that never sleeps, New York City!

This is my second time visiting NYC. There are a few hot spots that I always visit, like Times Square and former NYFW location, Bryant Park. But the best way to travel isn’t lining up for tourist landmarks; it’s wandering the city and do what the locals do.



Welcome to hey just jei!

I’m Jei and I’ve been style blogging since 2012 (with my first blog.) My goal here is to share everything with you:

  • the stories and history behind my garments and outfits
  • open a dialogue about androgyny through my androgynous guides
  • exploring minimalism and androgynous fashions and attitudes
  • shine a spotlight on indie designers, stores creating unique, innovative, and ethical fashions
  • show you my fashion design process and creations

Thank you and enjoy your stay.