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Photography: Tee Hui

In my last Spotlight Review, I spoke about my beautiful and handmade in England cardigan from Brothers We Stand, designed by Alec Bizby. I wanted to highlight all the amazing details of my unique knitwear in all it’s ethical and one of a kind glory.
But with a creative photographer in a vibrant location and the fading summer sun on set, it’s hard to not take advantage of the beauty the scene.
Here are some behind the scene pictures and full outfit!


androgynous guide/ 3 back to school looks that you already have

androgynous guide

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Photography: Tee Hui

It’s no secret that school takes a big hit on your wallet. Increasing tuition costs, new books every semester, there’s no end to school fees.
Why break the bank for back to school clothing, when everything you need is already in your closet? In this Androgynous Guide, I show you three easy looks for school that can easily be created with everything you already have.

Which one best represents your style?

Outfit/ Shopping Habits



When I was a teenager, thrifting was my main mode of shopping. It was my best friend that flooded me with images of Harajuku girls wearing colorful outfits; their personalities filled Japanese street fashion sites and magazines. She declared that thrift shopping was where you find items more unique than store bought clothing and so we treasure hunted whenever we could.

As I grew older, my tastes changed.

Outfit/ Forbidden Suit



Stand back, I’m changing things up! If you were expecting an “Androgynous Guide” post this week, it’s being moved to the beginning of the month! Easy for all you folks to remember.

If I’m going to change things, I might as well go big (The other option is to go home!)

It’s my first time working with the amazing Tee, photographer extraordinaire. I released my Mason Martin Margiela Flat Blazer x H&M from its garment bag cage for this very occasion.